Loan Application
Create new loan application for user
At the moment for testing purposes, we Approve all the loans less than or equal to $5,000.00 and we reject all loans above $5,000.00 so that platform can do testing and handle both cases of rejection and approval.
credit_report_xml_gzip and asset_report_json_gzip are required for underwriting, it's not required at the time of creating the user but before calling the application endpoint platform should add Credit Report and Plaid Asset Report for users.
Offer UUID will become Loan UUID at the moment the Offer is status is accepted
Please keep in mind it is very important for the platform to show both flows to users
  • Once the loan is approved, the platform should show the entire loan offer with the promissory note (It is a very important compliance check)
    • Please look at "Compliance Requirements" on how to display loan approval offer
  • Once the loan is rejected, the platform should show the rejection reasoning
    • Please look at "Compliance Requirements" on how to display loan rejection reasonings
Get loan application info
Get all loan application for the given user
Get all loan applications for the platform
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